System upgrade advice to go along with GTX 650ti boost

I was looking at upgrading from my hd 5770 to a GTX 650ti boost.

System is:
AMD Phenom II 965 BE
HD 5770
Asus M4A77TD mobo
8 GB Kingston hyperx ram
700 watt psu

Issue I discovered was my mobo is pcie 2 and will dial back the new card a bit. So I began looking at upgrading the mobo as well. The guy I spoke with at a local shop (as my upgrading knowledge is slim but growing) said my phenom II would not be compatible with new am3+ mobos with pcie 3. Which after some poking around appears to be untrue.

Due to what he said I looked at picking up the 650ti boost along with an intel i5 4670 and a msi z87 G45 mobo.

Now that it seems I can still use my 965 CPU I am debating just getting the 650ti boost alongside a new am3+ mobo with pcie 3, and upgrading the CPU once I actually begin encountering issues with it. But this forces me to stick with a amd CPU down the line.

I have used both intel and amd products in the past so don't really have a bias. Just looking to update my system a bit. Uses are gaming and just everyday browsing and such no video or anything like that.

Any guidance or food for thought appreciated!
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  1. Yeah, I'd tend not to believe him when he's talking about getting PCI-E 3 on AMD mobos....If thinking the boost at all, go for it and try with your current rig and see what you think.....can always upgrade mobo/CPU later and already have a decent GPU ready to go
  2. Indeed that was the third option as well. Just evaluating the possibilities. With the boost running only like 10% off the 660 (from what charts I have seen) at about $100 dollars less I figured it was a good option to replace the 5770
  3. Sounds like you have a plan, onward and upward ;)
  4. In terms of gaming as the main use. Am I going to get better use of my money swapping to the i5 and new mobo at the same time, or does my CPU still have some decent time left on it? Guess there isn't much difference in prices ATM between amd and intel chips of comparable specs.

    Well more research I supposes
  5. If you can swing it, I'd suggest the i5 and try and go with a 3570K, it will last you a few years (OCable) and a bit less than the Haswell 4670K....
  6. Nafees

    He's already mentioned a 650TI.....also Ivy Bridge is last Gen.......Haswell is 4th Gen
  7. Have no experience with over clocking so never looked at the k's. that's why I looked at the 4670 but 3570 eh? Hmmm.
  8. Yep, you could go that route, and run at stock riht now and be thrilled, then as it seems to be slower or what ever OC it a bit....most 3570K will OC to around 4.5 anyway some even to 4.9-5 (not a lot of them, but some. It's really sort of in the same position as the 4670, both are effectively dead mobo lines. You'll hear a bunch of people here talking about getting a 1150 now for futureproofing and going to the Broadwell CPUs when they come out, which is now at early/mid 2015....but their will be a new chipset that comes along with it, and DDR4 will be out so todays 1150 mobos will get tossed by those that move on to Broadwell
  9. Hmm so no matter which way I go I'm in the same position in a 2-4 years? Hm. Guess I will look more into the 3570k. Still looking at the msi z87 board or something else with the 3570?
  10. Now your really going to hate me, I myself won't touch MSI mobos, had and seen too many problems with them over the years and many others have also, their sales have been slipping badly for over 3 years now and most mentioned is poor QC and Support. I quit using them in 2010/2011. I tend to stick with the big 3, Asus, the Rock and GB
  11. Lol well then. Back to the drawing board on the mobo then...
  12. Best answer
    With the 3570K, look at the ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, it's considered one of the best gaming boards out there, and on the other hand, it's my first pick for builds for high end business users also, that's what I run my 3570K on
  13. 3750k is a little more than the 4670... Guess I will examine this more when I'm more lucid
  14. The 3570k would cost more than a 4670 because the "k" means the card is unlocked for overclocking. Compare to a 4670k and you're comparing apples to apples then. I do agree with the suggestion above for the i5-3570k and the AsRock Z77 Extreme 4
  15. Thanks guys I am in Canada so prices were a bit different for amazon and newegg but ended up ordering the 3570k, 650 ti boost, and the Asrock z77 extreme 4. Great suggestions and I look forward to learning to tinker with over locking.
  16. Will be looking forward to hearing about your rig
  17. indeed thanks
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