no display when graphics card is plugged in.

Hello there. I recently bought myself a desktop from bestbuy and it came with integrated graphics. I bought myself a new power supply 750 watts and graphics card gtx 650. After installing the card I get no display whether I plug into the graphics card with my hdmi cable or my motherboard. After doing some research I thought my graphics card might be bad so exchanged it for another one same problem. The fan on the card turns on. I went into my bios and saw that "power to pci-e slot" was set to disabled so I enabled it still no luck. Display works when card is unplugged. I have an integrated graphics Intel 2500 hd. I disabled this using the device manager still no luck. I also have tripled checked the power connection and making sure the graphics card is properly seated in the pci-e port.
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    See if you can install the card drivers, but I think the card has to be plugged in.
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