PC Suddenly Slowing Down, Why?

Recently, my PC just completely slowed down out of the blue. One day it was fine and the next it inexplicably had slow startup times along with slow access times and several anomalies showing up in any programs I tried to run (stuttering, slow loading, etc.) I am completely baffled by this, the day before it happened was as normal as a day could get, didn't download anything, didn't do anything other than play something on Steam and read manga online. I like to credit myself on my knowledge of PCs but this has me completely confused, task manager says nothing is out of the ordinary, nothing is sucking memory, CPU usage is completely normal, and MSE says my system is clean of malware and viruses. Despite all of this my PC is running exponentially slower than before with a 10-20 minute boot when it used to be just seconds before I was good to go. It is also running any program so slow its near impossible to use. Other than being painfully slow it has also been blue screening regularly. My PC hasn't had any problems before nor did it give any indication that there could be a problem on the way. After a bit of trouble shooting I think that the problem may be that my hard drive is on its way out, but I don't know for sure. I've gone ahead and backed everything up on my current hard drive as a precaution. My system specs don't seem especially important to post right now other than mentioning that I'm running Windows 7 Professional and that I built this PC about a year ago. I plan on doing some more testing on my own, but any insight that could save me time or money would be greatly appreciated. So if any of you super badass troubleshooter dudes know what the problem could be and the solution to said problem please do share your expertise.
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    Might try scanning with MalwareBytes.....might see if you have or could borrow a different PSU to try
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