ASUS P8Z77V MOBO infinite boot loop

Alright. Here's the deal

Kingston Hyper X 4GB sticks. Using 2 sticks.
LeadTeK GTX 670 2GB

When I power the Mobo on, the cpu_LED turns on then off and then the DIMM_LED turns on then off no problem thenn.. WHEN THE VGA_LED is suposed to turn on, it doesnt. it just hangs there. After 10 seconds, the system shuts down and it reboots and the same thing is seen. It was working fine up till today.

When RAM is removed the expected beeping ensues.
However with everything placed, the signature single short beep is absent and nothing can be viewed on screen. I believe something is wrong with the VGA Check on boot. I tried without the GTX 670 installed and it still doesnt POST.

Any thoughts from you experts?
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  1. Anyone able to help me?
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    1) Clear CMOS, and place a single DRAM module in the slot furthest from the CPU
    2) Try without the discrete GPU inserted again. Connect the omintor to the onboard DVI/HDMI out.
    3) See if the board will POST.

    If none of that helps, maybe describe how you had the system setup when it was working - was it overclocked in any way? Any recent changes? Did you update UEFI?

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