Really loud powersupply

Hey hey!
I've put together a gaming computer just a while ago, and noticed since the first boot that the PSU is really loud and probably spins at full speed at all times no matter how much i load the computer.
the exhaust air feels cold to my hands. Is it a faulty psu that i should RMA?

the fan is heading to the bottom of the case so it takes air from outside.

PSU: Seasonic g series 550w semi-modular 80+ gold
CPU: I5-4670k
GPU: Gigabyte gtx 760 rev. 2
mobo: asus z87-a
ram: corsair vengeance 2x4gb 1600mhz
case: zalman z5 plus
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  1. bumping for answers.... maybe a broken fancontroller? The speed doesn't seem to change no matter what I do.
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