Windows 8 Screen won't show up until my computer goes into sleep mode!

Okay so basically when i start up my computer i have to wait until it goes into sleep then i move my mouse and my screen shows up like i can see it and everything.. I honestly have no clue how to fix this i really need help with this.. I've had this problem for 2 months looked all over the forums trying to find a post... Please help.
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    With new pc the mb bios on new pc sets the ipgpu as the first video device.
    Go into the bios look from primary display. Set it to peg or pci. Under it will be muilt monitor support. Turn that off to turn off the onboard gpu.
    Save and exit and move your monitor cable to the gpu. Go into and shutdown. Wait a min then power on,you should now see the mb splash screen and message hit a key to get into the bios.
    You should now see windows splash screen. If you don't and the onboard video still working. Check that the CPU power plug on the mb is connected and that all the power plugs on the gpu are connected and the gpu fan is moving. If there working and windows see the gpu you may need to flash the motherboard bios. If the gpu not found...turn the pc off try the video card in other video slot or in another pc.
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