Zalman z11 plus power button light

Hi peeps I just got zalman z11 case
everything seems good except for the power button blue circular led light doesn't come on when I press the power button but it does come on when the pc goes into sleep mode?
I have disconnected the HDD light because it was flashing red [annoying]
Im thinking I have a loose connection or have plugged something in wrong way round anyone know?
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  1. Still haven't fixed this should the power light come on when pc is running or only sleep mode?
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    When plugging in the leads from the power and reset buttons you do have to get it right for 1. the buttons to work right and 2. for the leds to also work right. On the ends of the leads notice the + an - and match them to the pins on the MB.
  3. Thanks inzone the power led didn't say +/- just s or p ?
    anyways switched them around and its working now
  4. Good to see that you were able to get it working correctly. Zalman may have a different coding for the ends of the leads, the p could be positive and the s negative.
    Thank you for selecting a solution to your thread, it is very helpful when members do select a solution as it adds to out forum metrics.
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