Western Digital Passport i/o device error

hello everyone, I just bought my external hdd which is a WD Passport 500Gb. I have been using it for more than a month but unfortunately it was accidentally dropped from the top of my CPU. it wasn't very high right but now I can't even access my drive.
windows said it needs to be initialized but it failed to do it. I tried to repair it but no luck at all. it doesn't have a drive letter at the disk management. the drive isn't showing at my computer but the usb notification is showing at the notification bar. now, how if I try to claim its warranty since its just a month old from me. is it possible?
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  1. The warranty won't be valid if you dropped it.
  2. can I lie to them?
  3. I have the same problem with my WD my passport 500GB.. there is very important data. WD is detecting in device management as disk1, but its MBR is not initillize. please any one can provide the best solutioN?
  4. I have the same problem too,my WD Passport 2TB not working I/O device error. it is because of the device board are broken?

    Changing the device board with another same new board can make it work? For me the file is more important from the old device than the new WD passport device...so i plan to buy another new 1 and change the board. Is it working? Can i used same model but different capacity disk..if could so i just need to buy WD passport 500gb and use the board on my 2TB WD passport... need some advice.Thanks 
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