CPU usage is affecting the pc. WIll RAM upgrade improve the performance?

My processor is 6 years old. its name is core 2 duo. i have recently changed my motherboard 2 years back. its name is intel DG41RQI. I have 2 gb of ram installed in my pc in one slot. My pc has become very slow. the cpu usage boosts upto 100% even if i open a browser like google chrome. i dont knw why this is happening and my pc makes a lot of noise. Will upgrading the ram from 2gb to 4 or 6gb make a diffrence. Please help. MY operating system is windows 7 32 bit.
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  1. No, RAM is unlikely to improve it. A faster CPU is likely to be the only real option (which C2D is it? Code like E8400 or similar).

    Reinstalling windows may help; it slows down as you install stuff etc.
  2. its E4500 @ 2.20 ghz
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    Yeah, that's a bit old and slow. Newer software is probably stressing it a lot.

    You might be able to OC it, but only minor success:

    Best option is a new CPU or platform (CPU/MB/RAM). A cheap second hand Core 2 Quad would be a good pick. One on this page:
  4. 2GB of RAMs is the minimum, really, for Win7. A second 2GB stick should help you in a number of ways.

    What also may be an issue is the Intel GMA X4500 graphics on the motherboard. It sucks to put it politely, and shares memory with the operating system, further dragging you down.

    You should be able to designate the amount of memory shared with the system ... by reducing the amount, it may 'snap' things up quite a bit.

    Additionally, I suspect one reason your CPU usage is spiking is that the DXVA hardware acceleration of the integrated graphics also sucks, putting more stress on your CPU. Any modern video card, even the least expensive models on the market today, should provide video hardware acceleration and reduce your CPU utilization.

    Also .... 32-bit Windows will not recognize more than 4GB in the system.
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