Computer starts up for a few seconds, turns off then on in a loop


I recently had a problem with my laptop, Dell Inspiring. It used to turn on enabling me to use the computer momentarily, then if I tried opening any thing else it wouldn't work. On the top bar it said not responding If I tried to shut down the laptop it would get stuck on "logging off" and would only turn off if I kept holding the power button for 3 seconds.
So I decided to find a solution and ended up on a video on YouTube "Windows Explorer not responding fix" where it asked to delete browser helper object keys from hpkeys_local_machine . Once i did this and rebooted the computer it would turn on for less then a second then turn off instantly then turn on again. On the screen it says "computer didn't shut down properly" and some other messages. I can access bios on the computer with out any problems.
Please help me fix this!
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  1. Never delete a reg key without researching what it does first. Deleting the wrong reg key can do some serious damage. How old is the laptop? If you can find out what hotkeys to press to run a Memory Test, HDD, etc before booting. Could be a virus too, try starting up in safe mode see if it runs longer.
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    Looks like a reinstall of Windows is in order.
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