Acer HDD fails less than a year after purchase. Didnt recieve copy of Windows 7 OS that came with it

The hard drive in my ruddy acer died! It's my 1st laptop, (ive always been a desktop kinda girl) but seriously......ive not even had the darn thing a year!!
It went without ANY warning, i was burning a music cd when it froze, i tried a restart & it refused 2 boot up. I tried a boot disk & everything else i could think of b4 i eventually gave up & attempted a re-install & repair. Still nothing. During my atttempt 2 re-install OS, it asked me 2 save it 2 another drive as the C drive had failed. :(
Good news is i've a new HD on the way but alas...i dont have the windows 7 OS tat originally came with my laptop. I am certainly not going 2 buy a version of windows 4 it & i shouldnt have 2! Windows 7 was offered as part of the package when i brought the lappy, so ive paid for it! Can any1 offer any ideas on what i should do??
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    Acer computers come with a recovery partition on the hard drive. During initial setup, the computer should have given you an option to create a set of recovery discs.

    Obviously, creating recovery discs from that partition is impossible now, so my suggestion is to contact Acer for a premade set of recovery discs for your computer.

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