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Hey, I have a Viewsonic vx2370smh-led, and it is the worst thing I've ever had. I need a replacement. Firstly, I'm low on budget so around £150-£200. I prefer 24" but my budget doesn't allow me (most times). It needs to be IPS.

MY current choices are:

Dell Ultrasharp U2412M, £208

Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM, £155

Asus MX239H , £200

Asus PB238Q, £188 / Asus PA238Q £211

I heard Acer are fairly good, I see a lot of people using them.
Any help is good. Cheers
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  1. Sounds like you already have the right idea! ASUS models get my vote for the best pixel response controls. Iiyama ProLite X2377HDS and XB2380HS are also good options. Where are you shopping? Remember to check:


    And obviously Amazon
  2. I use PCpartpicker, it shows trusted sites and gives their prices. Are the acers any good?
  3. I found the Acer H236HLBmjd, for 150, is it any good?
  4. PC Part Picker is cool but it sometimes misses a good deal. And that Acer is fine, but the the ASUS and Iiyama options are better.
  5. I know, Asus are awesome but they're expensive for 23", 23 is the same as dell 24"
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