New Graphics Card Causes BSOD And Random Crashes During Games.

Hi Guys, I'm about to write a lot so apologies,

Lately I have been getting random BSOD during games. The BSOD rarely occured so I just sort of ignored it (a bad decision I know but it was so rare you could fob it off as a one off).

The other week I bought a new GPU, a Nvidia Geforce GTX650ti BOOST. I played some Mass Effect only for a few minutes before my game started crashing. Sometimes it will report some sort of error along the lines of ''the memory could not be read'' other times it will simply crash with a ''not responding'' message and other times it will simply BSOD with a message at the top of the blue screen saying ''PFN list corrupt'' or something a long those lines.

My first thought was it may be the power supply. It was thermaltake 430w and although this really should have been enough taking into account the rest of system I changed the PSU to a corsair 600w. Unfortunately the problem still remains and I blue screen regularly whilst playing games.

This then lead me to perform a repair install of windows today thinking windows may have been damaged by the new graphics card installation. This didn't help in the slighest and I am still crashing.

I then had a look at my drivers in programs and saw that I had an extra audio driver from where nvidia had installed its own and the default driver remained. I uninstalled the Nvidia driver and still this problem remains.

At this point I really have no idea what to do. My only option left is to format my drive and go from scratch but even then I'm not sure if this will resolve the issue.

When windows reboots it gives the message ''windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown'' with a BCcode that usually says 00000000004e or sometimes just ''a''.

I also have a windows mini dump .dmp but I'm not really sure what to do with it, if anyone thinks it may help then please let me know.

I only seem to get the BSOD occur when I game but it has blue screened when hitting the shutdown button on the start menu a few times ; once before I got the new graphics card and once after I got it. Apart from that it only seems to crash during games.

I have already wasted many hours troubleshooting and I feel like I'm getting nowhere fast. At this point I feel like I need a second opinion to help me pinpoint exactly where to trouble shoot. I am still unsure if it's hardware, windows or driver related.

Here are my specs:
RAM: 2x2GB corsair XMS3
HDD: Samsung 500gb
MB: Asrock G41M VS3 R2.0
GFX: GTX650ti BOOST 2gb
CPU: Intel E6750 @ 2.66Ghz
PSU: Corsair Builder Series 600W Modular Power Supply

Any help is greatly appreciated and if anyone wants some information or needs me to run any sort of test I will be happy to.

Many Thanks.
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  1. Seeing as no answered here my stab. You did remove the previous video card drivers right? Doesn't matter if the card was Nvidia or AMD always remove old drivers with something like Drive Sweeper. Restart. Install new drivers.
  2. hmph...I would have thought maybe the power supply but you have a quality one so check that off and you already tried 2 different ones. Try watching something like msi afterburner and see how much load youre under when these problems occur. Could be a bad cap on the gpu and when you start pushing the card its loses voltage and bam game over. If you can try the card in another pc and see if the problem persist. If so bad card.
  3. Thanks for your speedy replies guys.

    Last night my friend suggested I remove a RAM stick to see if its the RAM. Ended up playing for 45 minutes straight with no errors.

    However, tried playing L4D today and it simply crashed and stopped working as soon as I loaded into a mission.

    @theclouds- I thought I did remove the drivers correctly but with hindsight I could have done a better job. All I did was uninstall my old nvidia drivers through Programs>Programs and Features. After this I installed the gfx card drivers from the nvdia site.

    The new Nvidia drivers I installed gave me an additional HD audio driver which may have clashed with my current on board audio, so I removed the nvidia HD audio driver through Programs>Programs and features. The problem remained after this.

    I am now trying to remove all of my drivers but I am running into issues. I am unable to remove VIA Platform device manager which I believe to be my on board audio driver. The uninstall wizard lets me get right to part where it would remove the program but then the ''next'' button is greyed out.

    I tried deleting the driver manually through device manager which seemed to work. The VIA driver is no longer in my device manager list, I instead have two separate but identical High Definition Audio devices (is this normal?). Going back to Programs and Features shows that the VIA device manager is actually still there and I am still unable to uninstall it with the wizard.

    I would run driver sweeper but don't you need to uninstall the driver programs before doing this?

    @immortalpenguin9- I'm really hoping this isn't a hardware problem with a brand new card. I will be sure to do what you said if completely removing every driver I have does not solve my issue.
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