Bad Sectors in HDD- WD Blue Caviar

Hi, I have a WD Blue Caviar 320 gb HD of this model.

WDC WD3200AAJS-22L7A0 ATA Device

I installed Hard disk sentinel a few days ago and it shows that the drive has 258 bad sectors and health at 18%

I tried fixing it with HDD Regenerator but sentinel still shows the same result. What can I do to fix the drive. The thing is that my old drive is working fine which is more than 6 yrs old, where as this drive came with the pc and has a mfg date of 2010.
I tried the WD Diagnostic tool from their website and the drive passes their extended test.
Please help me here. I am getting paranoid with this.
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    Seems like it's about to fail. I would probably replace it.
  2. Start>>disk defragmenter>>analyze
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