My cpu is running at 100 degrees +

I know people r gonna call me stupid but i pulled off my heat sink from my dual core athalon II cpu and put a pretty strong old fan that i found over the cpu because i was just testing to see if the guage in my case would work all these things exept the cpu and mother board were found i bought the motherboard and my friend gave me the cpu so i tested the guage and i ran the computer for not even a minute and it was at max on the guage so i turned it off and felt the cpu and it was burning hot so let it cool down and restarted the computer and turned on the bios and let it run for a minute and a half with the fan on and it got to 100( i left it on till then out of curiosity) my motherboard was at 30 then i turned it off now im here my motherboard is a msi 970ag46 sorry for makin this so long
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  1. Are you asking a question?

    Or are you just giving us a description of what you did this afternoon?
  2. No in the evening
  3. Im asking why its running at 100 in a minute and a half
  4. Beacause heatsink is not involved and the solid contact shud be there
  5. I had also tried it with the heat sink it was reaching over 80 in less then a minute
  6. Apply a coat f thermal paste again
  7. M477430 said:
    I had also tried it with the heat sink it was reaching over 80 in less then a minute

    It could be that the heat sink isn't making direct contact or as Sn1992 stated, apply a coat of thermal paste again.
  8. I dont have thermal paste forgot to ask my friend for some but for now im gonna have to leave it with 5 case fans and ill drop the voltage to about 1.1 and c if that helps
  9. Best answer
    Yeah it wud help but do try the thrmal paste
    And try reinstalling heatsink

    Dont forget to close the post
  10. I took out the heatsink put it back in turned my fans to max lowered the voltage to 1 and its running at 65 close enough for right now without thermal paste
  11. Yeah thats great
  12. Why aren't you putting thermal paste on your heatsink?

    You really should put it on, it will help your temperatures come down significantly and prevent your processor from overheating and frying.
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