hd 7790 vs gtx 650ti boost

so what will be the better gpu here for gaming?
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  1. It is a fairly close comparison, but the 650 ti boost pulls ahead in that, if its the superclocked edition even more so. Go for the 650.
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    well, of course the GTX650ti boost is the winner. look at this:,review-radeon-hd-7790-vs-nvidia--geforce-gtx-650-ti-boost.aspx

    the gtx 650ti boost 2gb is on par with an HD 7850 and is a poor man's GTX660. it can pretty max out all games with reasonable FPS, see it here:

    the benchmarks are on 1080p but if you're in 720p, you can max out almost all games with high FPS.
  3. going for an EVGA gtx 650ti boost SC 2gb! thanks a lot mate! :D
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