Do I need more power?

Hi guys just finished my first ever build and I am very proud of it (thanks to you guys). Now that it's up and running I want to install a graphics card. I think I'm going to go with Anyways, I've used psu calculators online and they just don't seem to give me a legitimate answer. They keep telling me I only need like 380W. So here are my components.
Case: Phantom 410 (2 120mm, 1 140mm and 30W controller)
MOBO: AsRock z77 Extreme 4
CPU: intel i5 2405s (65w)
PSU: 600W diablotek

Those are the main power suckers. And I don't plan on overclocking. So do I have enough power?
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  1. 600 watts should be plenty for that graphics card. Just be sure to check the required power connectors for that card and what you have on that PSU.
  2. Ok gotcha. Is the connector to the graphics card from the psu called 6/8 pic pci-e connector?
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    What you have doesn't use a lot of power. You have a 65W CPU and the 7770 uses less then 100W. (80 something I think.) Your total power draw would be 200W or less.

    That said, whoever suggested you buy a diablotek PSU wasn't giving you good advice. I have yet to see a single PSU from them survive any real testing. As such I don't suggest people use them. Return if possible and get a better one. The Antec 380W green or the Corsair CX430 should power that setup just fine. The 7770 just doesn't use a lot of power.
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