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My silverstone 1200w psu came packages with several pcie cables with both a 6/8 + a 6 pin which split off after the 8 pin. I am currently in the process of replacing my old sli 580s and was wondering if I'd be safe using just one of these cables to power my new gpu (gtx780), I have noticed that the individual cables that come directly from the psu are noticeably thicker than the ones which split off to the 6 pin. Also I would mention that the psu has a single +12v rail which is rated for 100amps.

I hope what I'm trying to ask makes sense as I'm posting this from my phone while at work.

I would add that the psu in question is a silverstone strider gold 1200w
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  1. Anybody able to help with this?
  2. you need 1 6 pin and 1 6+2 pin in to power that card.
  3. I understand this, what I was asking was regarding the actual cable that splits into both an 8 and 6 pin, and if I'd be alright using just the one cable.
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    Yes that is ok!
  5. Don't forget to choose a Best Solution when you open a question thread , the forum members will appreciate that.Thanks for posting on the forum.
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