Need a good System for autocad 2013

Hi I need help on building a budget autocad/good for gaming pc for my uncle.

I guess he could go to only $350 at the moment. but he wants it to be easily up-gradable for the future.

He plans to use it for designing 3d houses and buildings. and playing some games.
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  1. yeah that much i know, he just needs to add some more.. maybe around 400 to 450?
  2. I would not go for a card like the HD 7770, you'd be better going for a proper horsepower workstation card.
  3. I guess what I want to say is that something that can start cheap and be easily up-gradable down the line when he has some money.
    Here is his situation...

    He currently can go up to maybe $400...
    He just recently started to learn autocad, we wants a computer to test some 3d autocad in maybe like a small house, so he can present it to his clients.. And down the line upgrade the computer.
    So I was thinking, what about just using the onboard graphics for the meantime? So later he could just add a video card when he needs to?
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  5. angaddev said:

    You will find that workstation cards destroy normal graphics cards in accuracy, rendering and quality in pretty much all CAD and design software. It depends if his Uncle is favours quality, precision, faster rendering over the the bad quality and fast 3D viewing offered by the gaming cards.
  6. how about built in video for the mean time... and add a vid card in the coming months?
  7. Yes go with builtin since autocad can't really use videocard for anything except preview window redraw.
    Buy quality PSU (I say Seasonic) but don't overdo with wattage.
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