Building my First PC, Need help with Case

Here are all the parts I have chosen to use in my build.


Asus Sabertooth 990 FX

Asus GTX 660

OCZ ZT 650 Power Supply

8gb of G Skill Sniper Series RAM

Western Digital 1 Terabyte

Now I'm quite the novice when it comes to building PC's, so I'm not too sure what I would want from a PC case or how big of a case I would need, preferably I would like one that has room to fit everything in (obviously) but with a little extra room for customization and water cooling, I have exhausted my wallet so it has to be below two hundred. Any suggestions would be nice, thank you.
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    You really don't need a case that expensive.
    I suggest you buy a cheaper case and use the extra money for a more powerfull graphics card.

    If you count rebates in the price, this case comes at 70$ and it's very, very good.

    The extra money you can put in your graphics card.
    I suggest going for a HD 7970 if you can afford it.

    Or GTX 670.

    Both of these cards are significantly faster than the GTX 660. The HD 7970 can also overclock like a champion.

    Also if you're set on the ASUS Sabertooth motherboard, go with the second revision.
    They are pretty much the best motherboards when it comes to CPU overclocking.

    You could also upgrade to a 2TB hard drive.
    It will only cost you 20 dolars more.

    You can save that much by going from the FX 8350 to a FX 8320.
    They are essentially the same CPU's with the exception of clock speed.
    They both reach the same frequiencies when overclocked.
    A FX 8320 can be overclocked to 4GHZ in less than a minute with absolute stability.

    You could also upgrade to a power supply that would allow you to put in an extra graphics card in the future.
    This unit is just as good as the one you chose. Not really more powerfull despite the 750W marking but it does have some extra PCI-E connectors.
  2. Wow! Thanks a ton for the very large abundance of information you have given, not only did you give me a case but you also showed me how to save some cash and get a better GPU, thanks man.
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