i3 2100 bottleneck?

with the GTX660?
if yes, what about i3 2100 + HD7850 or HD7790?

1600X900 for BF3 game.

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  1. HD7790 is the way to go, and anything higher than than you need a i5 intel to benefit from in my opinion.
  2. I get HD7850/GTX660/HD7870XT/HD7790 for my processor and monitor?
    and in the future i upgrade my monitor to FHD resolution.
  3. emad_ramlawi said:
    HD7790 is the way to go, and anything higher than than you need a i5 intel to benefit from in my opinion.

    not totally true. my friend has an i3 3220 with a gtx 760 and he can max out every game in 900p.
  4. Yeah the Core i3 is more than ample for those cards. I recommend a GTX660. If anyone tells you there's a bottleneck issue, demand benchmarks/article links as proof. Most people just make this stuff up as they go. Unfortunately not many in-depth bottlenecking articles have been done with modern hardware.
  5. I seriously doubt you will get the same performance from a med to high end GPU from a low to mid end CPU especially a dual core one, thats not saying that it wont work, but it will utilize 85% of that GPU and not its 100%

    And regarding in-depth bottlenecking articles have been done with modern hardware :

    please use this :

    and i quote in the conclusion :

    A CPU for Single GPU Gaming: A8-5600K + Core Parking updates

    "if I were gaming today on a single GPU, the A8-5600K (or non-K equivalent) would strike me as a price competitive choice for frame rates, as long as you are not a big Civilization V player and don’t mind the single threaded performance. The A8-5600K scores within a percentage point or two across the board in single GPU frame rates with both a HD7970 and a GTX580, as well as feels the same in the OS as an equivalent Intel CPU"

    Now i dont want to start a debate on intel HT and AMD modules ... but i did extensive research and truly its way to long to write in this forum and i am not feeling like it but i concluded that AMD bulldozer/pilediver threads are equivalent of 4 logical cores (i compared an Trinity x740 with Old AMD quad athlons )however intel HT on the i3 series if compared to the pentuim and celeron dual core without HT, you will notice that i3 HT will give you UP to 22%-25% performance on multi-threaded work load, and with 10 increase in TDP, however its still a dual core with 25% boost

    So for single GPU gaming to get the most of it you will need 4 logical cores/or threads, using the above research you idiots

    and yes the Intel i3 can beat AMD quad cores, if the software taxes only 2 cores.
  6. I wouldn't call that "in-depth" when it only tests one card (the 7970, which OP isn't even considering and is much higher end than a GTX660) and only tests the four games at 1440p and max settings. Those aren't settings you game at with a GTX660.

    Also grow up re the name-calling. Keep it up and I'll report you to the mods. You only make yourself appear childish when you resort to name-calling.
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    Well, the link you've posted is such a high-end benchmarking in which the OP is not to. 900P is what we are talking about here and even an i7-3960X with a GTX 660 will be on its knees in 1440P.

    If someone doesn't know about the word "bottlenecking", he wouldn't know that his little I3 bottlenecks his GTX 660. There would be bottlenecking but I say to you that it's not that big compared to the bottlenecks given by the AMD's bulldozer chips.

    Do someone need a proof? Here, watch this, they use an HD6850 and an HD7950 here with an I3, look who wins and look the frame rates.
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