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Cloning Software *hdd to ssd* windows 7

hi there, i want to clone my windows 7 os to my ssd from my hdd. whats the best software to use ? and does this actually work ? because i dont want to reinstall windows on the new ssd.
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  1. I usually use Easeus Todo free backup and then make sure to check the checkbox "Optimize for SSD". Works fine for me to go from HDD to SSD or from SSD to HDD. Never had any big issues. Just uninstall it after I'm done.
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    How this works out depends on a few things, the biggest being whether or not your current Windows 7 install is the same size as the SSD or smaller. If it is, then just use you disk cloning utility of choice, such as Clonezilla.

    Many SSDs come with their own cloning software that you can use if you wish. I have had one of my five SSDs not come with some type of cloning software, and most upgrade kits (as opposed to bare drives) have something with them.

    Note that Clonezilla is a feature on many 'toolbox' bootable CDs, such as Hiren's Boot CD, something I would suggest keeping around.

    If the install is bigger than the SSD, then things get a little more complex. The easiest thing to do is to 1) backup all your data and 2) shrink the install until it fits on the SSD. You may manually have to do this, or try to use something like PC Decrapifier. Once the install is small enough, you can go ahead and clone it.

    I really have to ask why you don't just do a new install of Windows 7 on the SSD? This is going to be a lot simpler if all you are trying to do is keep the OS, provided you have a Windows install disk.
  3. Clonezilla and Easeus todo backup free are very useful tool to clone HDD to SSD. If you want to own a backup & disaster recovery software, Easesu todo backup is the best choice, disk clone is just one feature of its.
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