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Yesterday I was helping a client to downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7 I partitioned the hard drive and wiped it clean and wiped the recovery drive as well now after doing so I put the hard drive back in the machine I put in the windows 7 disk and it loaded the windows 8 screen then when to the boot screen stating windows setup or windows 8 I press windows setup and get a error code stating I need to place a windows 8 reinstall disk to repair the damage now down grading from windows 8 is new to me can someone please tell me there is a way to downgrade because I know there is a way and I messed up somewhere. Computer Model: HP Pavillion P6-2316s
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  1. It's look like you didn't wipe all partitions. There is some left over from W8. Try downloading some partition tool and wipe that left over partition. Check in disk management if there is left over partition.
    Good luck.
  2. The hard drive is wiped completely but it's still there
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    krimson4eva said:
    The hard drive is wiped completely but it's still there

    Try this:
    It's EaseUs partition manager free edition. Install, and check your hdd with this tool.
    There was a couple examples where I fond one partition 45GB, one not marked 25GB, and third 240GB. Because of that second partition I was unable to create a whole hdd.
    Just a hint.
  4. Sounds like your not booting from the Win7 disk. Make sure the BIOS is set to boot from DVD first. Once Win7 setup is loaded you should be able to re-organise your partitions from there.
  5. Windows 8 doesn't much care to give up a disk. If the suggestions above don't work, remove all partitions and zero-write the disk (I use Parted Magic for this, and then re-partition it and do your install.
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