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Hi guys i'm having a bit of trouble i know nothing about psu's and i want to upgrade my system i've researched online and lots of people have told me i need a higher watt psu i am very confused i've been looking at a 600W Corsair CXM but im not sure about the connections and if it will power my pc
Here are my current specs:

Amd 6100@3.8ghz
Radeon 6670
vibox predator green led case
16g 1033 mhz ram
1tb 7200rpm hard drive
and a gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 motherboard

and i want to replace my radeon 6670 with a radeon 7870

would a 600W Corsair CXM power this upgrade and my other parts or if it cant are there any other alternatives?
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    The Corsair CX500M or CX600M would work fine for your specs. The HD7870 requires a minimum of 500W with 23A available from the 12v rail - the CX500M provides up to 38A for the 12v rail and the CX600M provides up to 46A on the 12v.
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