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What temps should i get?

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July 22, 2013 6:31:08 AM

I have overclock my 3770k to 4.5GHz and wanted to know what temperatures i should be getting when stress testing it.

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a b K Overclocking
July 22, 2013 7:18:36 AM

That depends on:
1-Room ambient temperature
2-CPU cooling system (heatsink and fan or water cooling)
3-Case airflow

If you are asking about what temperatures are safe, then I would say 75/76/77/78 degrees Celsius at full load is the maximum safe temperature. Anything above 80 can shorten the chip's lifespan.

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a b K Overclocking
July 22, 2013 7:27:43 AM

To many variables to really answer.
1) your 3770 should start to throttle around 95->100C.
2) What HSF. If it is the Intel "stock/boxed" HSF bear in mind This HSF is at the BOTTOM of the heap as far as performance goes. Personnally I leave it in the Box, have to save in rare case you need to RMA the CPU. I alway buy a 3rd party HSF. The Intel is barely OK for stock Speed, even here it will run 5->10 C hotter than a 3rd party HSF when the CPU is loaded.
3) Another factor is your case / case fans and your ambient temperature.
4) Good application of HS Compound vs bad application

5) Temps GOOD HSF and based on 20->22C ambient
.. Idle speed. Individual cores 5 -> 10 C above ambient - Generally in the 30's Normally not a problem, but if hitting mid 40's at Idle generaly your loaded temps will also be high.
.. For Loaded, probably about 20C above ambient would be a good temp. Loaded Temps are much more important and personnally I like to keep in the 60's. Low 70's is OK, 80's to hot for my blood.

Effect of ambient (room Temps)
Ambient temp - approx 20->22 C. For every 1 Degree F, the cores will increase about 1 degree C
Ex: if at Idle and room temp is sa 22 C (72F) a good tem would be =<31C, But if room temp is 80 F (+ 8F) then expect cores to be about idle temp to jump to low 40's. GREATER effect when Loaded (do no know the corralation for Loaded, maybe +2C for ever 1 F increase)

There is several degrees difference in ambient temp based on location of the Computer - ie setting on the floor verse sitting on the desk. My computer sets on floor (have rug so used a piece of plexiglass to set it on plus it is located about 3 feet from a A?C vent so the "abient" temp of air sucked in is almose 5 degrees cooler than the thermostat when a/c is on, when a/c is off still about 2 degrees cooler.
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July 22, 2013 7:49:23 AM

The ambient temp is 26C and i have a h100i with arctic cooling mx4 thermal paste and a voltage of 1.255v.
I get up to 80C and stop because i don't want it to go higher but before with the original thermal pad put on by corsair i used to get low to mid 60's. Does this suggest i put too much thermal paste on or have i done something else wrong?
a b K Overclocking
July 22, 2013 8:07:19 AM

Based On:
Their test probably at 20->22 C.
OC @ 4.5 GHz w/1.20 Volts - There min temp was 65 C
Based on a ambient increase of 4->6 C Plus a increase in Vcore of =.05V, your 80 C may be close to correct.

However, I do Not use H20 coolers, so may be a minor problem with setup. On HSF Paste - Generally the less used the better - AS long as Complete coverage.
or a "flat" surface HS, I use about a pea size on the bottom of the HS nd spead with finger (use a latex glove), Then On the top of the CPU I put a very small amount and use my fingerto just barely cover.