Very hot HDMI/display port cable on my lenovo T510!

Hi Didnt know exactly where to put this but.... I was watching a film on my projector, from my Lenovo T510 laptop, using a Display Port to HDMI cable. There was a thunderstorm and a powercut during the film, but my laptop wasnt plugged in at the time.

Then when I touched the Display port end of the cable, which is plugged in to my laptop, it was too hot to touch, and had was slightly bulging and mis shapen! Now it has cooled down and just looks and feels normal.

Very strange, and I dont see how it could have been related to the storm and powercut, but it seems a bit too coincidental! I have used this cable multiple times before and never noticed this, but then again maybe I wouldnt have ever touched it until it had cooled down. But I it was pretty much metling it was so hot, so I would think Id've noticed it before.

Anyone got any ideas, as Im a bit worried about my laptop, and hope it hasnt been damaged, even though it seems to be working fine

Thanks in advance
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    Replace the cable, it seems defective. Could be an internal short (common on low cost cables).
  2. Yeah I definately wont use the cabel again.

    It just seeemed to be when the thunderstorm made a powercut that i noticed, but i may be wrong!

    Do you think any permanent damage could have been done to my computer or displayport socket? Everything seems to be working fine, and the displayport looks physically ok

    Cheers for the help
  3. ALso, can anyone recommend a brand of HDMI to Displayport cable, Ive read in a many place sit doesnt make a difference. but I dont want opne like my current one again!
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