Fans work no beep no code - 3 year old Homebuilt Machine


I have a three year old homebuilt machine. It worked great but recently, I started to have problems where It would hang (everything seems to be working but nothing on the monitor) and I had to hard boot to get back the system. Last night it did not come back even after several hard reboots. Here is the status right now --

I power up the machine - all the fans seem to (CPU, Case, Videocard PSU), i see the power LED light in front of the system but nothing on the screen.

1. No codes on the motherboard - I see a flash of some code but then blank - no codes.
2. No beeps from the motherboard.
3. Tried to remove all Memomry DIMMS and still no beeps or actual code from the motherboard.
4. Kept the memory and removed the Video Card - still the same situation.
5. Removed all connections to the case and held on the power button for 1 minute
---- Turned the power back on, the fans run, a very momentary flash of codes on the motherboard, momentary creak of the hard drive, then the system seems to shut down with fans stopping; then the fans start again but I end up in the same zone, i.e. fans running but nothing else.
6. Removed the CMOS battery and plugged it back in. Somwhat similar reponse as in 5 above. I will try a new battery today but i doubt that a bad battery will prevent a boot.

In all situations I end up with the fans running - no code on the motherboard and no starting beeps. Any help would be appreciated. Please advice assuming that I am a novice. While i was able to successfully put together the system, my hardware knowledge and troubleshoot knowhow is very limited.

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    Had a similar issue. Ended up being my power supply.
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