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Sadly I appear to have picked up a search engine that is taking over my Google Chrome Browser.
It is called ''.
I have managed to uninstall it via Control Panel but it still appears in one location on my Chrome Settings. If I opt to have 'Show Home button' under 'Appearance' it reappears.
I have run: adwcleaner, HitmanPro, and JRT. But to no effect.
Any ideas anyone?
Thank you.
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  1. Go to Crhome Settings, under it there is a Search Tab. Under the Search tab, you can manage your search engine via the omnibox.
  2. Have you looked under your Chrome settings/extensions ? It may just be that it needs to be disabled/deleted from within Chrome as well as the Control panel. Chrome is stand alone and independent of your PC.

    Mac :)
  3. Thanks for those suggestions but it is not mentioned under Search or Extensions :-(
  4. Try settings/Search/Manage search engines and check that Google is set as default. You can right click and delete if the rogue engine is listed .

    Mac :)
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