Can I copy/paste a prgoram onto a USB and install onto a brand new computer?

I just finished my build, and os is coming in today, I was wondering if I could copy my full game folder "Riot Games" onto a USB file, put that into my SSD, and start playing? Ofc after all the drivers and updates are installed. Or do i have to install the smaller install wizard and redownload the whole game on the new computer?
ps. LoL btw
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    Im not completely sure with that game but usually if games were previously installed on another computer then I do not think you can't start playing right away because its not installed in the new computers directory, registry, etc. The only thing you can do is have the setup on the usb and install it fresh.

    (There are some exceptions to the rule though if you got the game from a torrent)
  2. Darn ok thanks, just wondering because i have rather slow speeds thanks
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