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Hey, I'm building my first PC and first water loop and have a couple of stupid questions. I've spent lots of hours reading and researching, and within a week went from knowing nothing about PCs to fundamentally understanding how the components work together and what all the specs actually mean, I've seen info on a couple of the questions I'm about to ask but have also seen a lot of conflicting reports. I'm buying an XSPC starter kit and plan to expand from there first with a reservoir then to include both a GPU block and a second radiator. Here's my questions;

What is the optimal order of components, ie: PUMP>RES>RAD>CPU>RAD>GPU>PUMP

When I first get this kit, before complicating anything, I'll install the included radiator at the top of my case (corsair 500r) with 2x120mm fans pulling, when I get to installing a 2nd rad it's going in the front of the case where I removed the two hard drive bays, the fans mounted with the rad in front, should they be pulling warm air into the case to keep good airflow, or blowing it out of the case?

Is it a good idea to have 2x240mm rads in the build for a 3570k OC to 4.5 and a gtx 780, or is that overkill? Could I get away with having a 120mm rad instead of the second 240mm?

The XSPC kit I'm getting is $150 and comes with pump/res, tubing, cpu block, rad, and fittings, it seems like too good of a deal, I understand it's some of XSPC's most basic gear, but does anyone have experience with this particular kit? is it reliable and is it a good deal?

Here's the kit

Also, I'm trying to set up the loop to create a large canted mobius strip, I drew a diagram of my proposed layout and will try to upload it if I can figure out how.

Noob needs help with waterloop.
Thanks for help in advance

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    should be res >pump> y fitting to both blocks >rads

    as far as a rad size if you can fit it get 2 stackable 240s i may actually be doing that myself in the futre once they make a block for my gpu, it may be a hair overkill but it comes out to about the same price.

    the kit is a pretty nice the only thing i would be worried about is the pump, im not sure what the max length of tubing you can run on it.

    another thing is to get good fans

    i would personally get this and add a 120 later on if needed since its only a hair more
  2. Thanks for the advice. So, after the rads, another y-fitting then to the res? I think I can adapt that into my design. I'd like to get a 360mm rad, but I couldn't fit it inside my case, and I would rather keep the whole system internal. Since I'm thinking about getting a rather expensive res, (frozenq) at that point I'd be looking to replace my pump anyway. Is a D5 the way to go? What spec do I look at to determine the max length of hose I can pump through? Also, if I get stackable rads, then I'd need to put a y-fitting directly after my blocks right? One hose into one rad and out then directly into the next rad and out?
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