I changed permissions on external hard drive and cannot view files

Hey there,
so I have a external 1tb WD elite. I went into permissions and changed them around trying to make it so only I could see the files. In doing so, I made all files, under all groups read only, in doing so I had the "take ownership" and "assign permissions" boxes uncheck on each group "owner", "system", "everyone". so now I can load the hard drive, and can open it, but trying to select a file I get a message saying I do not have permission to view the files... HELP!!!

I am running windows 8
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    use the security tab to take ownership of the full drive. You will need to replace all child object permissions as well.

    When you added you self did you add the ADMIN group or your user login.

    Adding ADMINISTRATORS does not include you unless you are elevated from from UAC. so always use your self(not a group).
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