Case that can fit two 11.4 inches graphic cards easily.

My mobo is gigabyte z87 d3h and PSU is Rosewill capstone 650w if that helps with the dimensions. Currently I have the NZXT 410 case on my list but would like something cheaper that does the same thing. The GPUs are 11.4 inches long.

I'd like the price to be below $80 if possible.
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  1. Coolermaster Elite 430 lots off room for 2 graphics cards :)

    but personally i don't like it's look/style.
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    Judging by the size of those cards, I doubt your PSU will be able to power them. Are you planning on updating your PSU?

    As for the case, these are good:
  3. Right now I'll be just getting 1 GPU, but in the future I'll be upgrading when the prices drop down a bit.
  4. Cooler Master HAF 912

    Thanks to a removable drive cage in the front, you could fit a 13" card if you wanted to.

    And it's only $60 with Free shipping on NewEgg:

    I can also tell you from personal experience the Storm Scout 2 SophieBeth100 recommended above is an excellent case, also with a removable drive cage.
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