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AMD Dual Graphics Set Up on laptop

Okay. I have a question.

If I want to buy a lets say HD 6630M and do dual graphics. When I buy it do I have to take apart my laptop and install it in there or is there a special type of cord that I connect it to my laptop or something because I'm trying to find a forum or article somewhere on the subject but all I can find are desktop ones. Any links would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Unless there is a laptop that comes with a dual-graphics chipset already installed, you don't. You also don't upgrade parts for your laptop, with the exception possibly of Ram, HDD/SSD, and Cpu. I understand there might be some exceptions, but they are few and far between.
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    Unfortunately it doesn't work like that in the laptops. The dual graphics set-up you are referring to on laptops pairs the integrated gpu with the dedicated gpu. There is only a couple of configurations available and you have to buy them that way. The more prominent set-up was pairing the 7670m (dedicated) with the integrated in the A-8 processor.

    Here is a link to the only options you could do on the previous generation:

    I am not sure what the upcoming configurations will be though.

    Edit: If you are looking at Nvidia cards offering an SLI set-up in a laptop the only options I am aware of are the Alienware M18, XMG just released a version, and the Lenovo Y500/510. Once again you have to either buy them pre-configured except in the case of the Lenovo where the CD drive area is what they call an ultra bay where you can remove the CD driver and substitute it with another HDD or the second GPU.
  3. You also won't find mxm cards of low end graphics, typically its 760+ for nvidia or 7950+ for amd.
  4. Man that really sucks. I guess that was why I couldn't find any info on it in the first place. Thanks for the info Tibbs01 and Swordkd
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