New PC build - Can't get Windows to display

I've been hunting around online for a solution... found others with similar problems but haven't found any answers yet. I'm hopeful that THIS is the place that can help me solve my problem.

My son and I are building a new PC together. Everything is good, but I can't get Windows 8 to display on my monitor... EXCEPT in Safe Mode. I can get the BIOS screen with no problems, the Windows "Loading" screen, but then it goes black.

In Safe Mode I have no issues. Here are more details...

The specs are:

ASRock FM2A75-Pro4-M motherboard

AMD A6-5400K APU which includes Radeon HD 7540D Graphics

Corsair 4GB - XMS3 DDR3 memory

Sandisk 64GB SSD

Toshiba 750GB SATA HDD

Windows 8

With Windows generic drivers / basic drivers that Safe Mode uses, everything displays. However, as soon as I install the AMD Catalyst drivers the screen goes black (not blue), and I can only get video back by going into Safe Mode and rolling back the drivers to the Windows ones. I would keep those, but can't get the appropriate resolution for my monitors.

The same thing happens with multiple monitors I've tried. VGA or HDMI connection.

I updated the BIOS on the MB. I ran all the Windows updates, I tried the most recent and the older version of the Catalyst drivers from AMD, but no love.

My thinking... if the monitors display the BIOS, and display just fine in Safe Mode, it can't be a defective APU or MB. It has to be a driver issue. Right?

But if it is a driver issue, and I can't get multiple versions of AMD drivers to work, what do I do?

Any ideas, referrals, advice, flames... would be appreciated!
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  1. A driver issue. Try installing another one, some older one, and see if it works.
  2. Thanks, but as I said, I have tried 2 revisions of their drivers, and it didn't work. Where can I find additional drivers to try?
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    Any chance you can upload some screen shots of your Bios page or the page where your getting stuck?

    It's very hard to trouble shoot when we can't see what's happening and what the PC is doing/saying.

    Are you able to get to a full Windows load up before you do download AMD Catalyst? is that what your saying?

    If its a new install you could try re-installing Windows, because if your seeing the Bios page it means the CPU/GFX are working fine.

    Like I said its difficult to tell from here as we don't know if you've done the install right?
  4. HarryU said:
    Thanks, but as I said, I have tried 2 revisions of their drivers, and it didn't work. Where can I find additional drivers to try?

    Well, all drivers can be found on the manufacturer's webpage.
  5. Also I'd like to add this is the GPU section of the forum, for the best advice for your issue i'd advise copying your initial post and starting a thread in a more appropriate area of the forum where they specialize in Windows 8 maybe?

    That way you'll get a good spread of expertise for this issue, worth a try.
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