IPv6 no internet access ! REALLY HELP

hello every one, from 2 weeks ago till now sometimes i have problems with the internet through wireless its just don't open any thing, on all devices !
yes i have " connected sign " but the internet not working at all .
if i open any browser on any device and try to open " GOOGLE " as an example i will see the page loading loading loading then it will say that it can not connect to the page
when i click on Status i will see this :
IPV4 Connectivity: Internet.
IPV6 Connectivity: IPV6 No Internet access.
in the same time the ethernet cable on " Desktop " work fine but can't download anything !

i just don't know what to do, thanks anyway ♥
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    What wireless router?

    If not an Airport (Apple) router, and it is a PC, you can fix your IPv4 connection, which is your real issue, by going to THIS MS PAGE and using the automatic fixit. You can also follow the manual directions if you would rather.
  2. What Operating System are you using? I would use utilities on your Operating system to "Troubleshoot Connection" to see if it gives you any insight on why your device cannot connect.
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