Partitioning a RAID1 created in Disk Management under Windows 8

I'm posting on an oft asked topic because there seems to be a lot of variation depending on everyone's personal RAID setups.

My Goal: To add a second partition to my RAID1.

My setup: I have two 2TB SG Barracudas in RAID1. I used Disk Management under Computer Management in Windows 8 to accomplish this. I would have done a hardware RAID, but that would have required me to do a fresh install.

Clarifying the Goal: I have a single full size (1.8TB) partition in the RAID1, I want to shave a few hundred gigs off of it to add a second partition within the RAID1.

Is this possible? I can't seem to be able to shrink my partition in Disk Management, the only thing I can really do is remove or break the mirror. Can I use a third-part application? If so, which is best for that?

Thank you in advanced. Don't be shy to get in depth and/or nerdy. I'm an IT guy, I'm just not any sort of RAID expert.

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  1. From what I read you can, check the link but I don't use that software.
    "How to resize raid 1 without data loss"
  2. I'm not entirely sure that you can do this at all. Mirroring through Disk Management is not the same as RAID1. In theory it accomplishes the same thing, but the mechanism is different (OS level rather than hardware level), it's a lot more portable, and it behaves quite differently. When I get a chance I'll look up mirroring volumes with Disk Mangler.

    This very nice presentation on the Win8 concept of "storage spaces" describes what's created as a single disk letter:

    If you have some time, you could try
    1) Make an external backup copy.
    2) Break the mirror.
    3) Do your resizing on whichever volume turns out to be the survivor.
    4) Re-establish mirroring.

    1) Since I don't use this feature: did you have to convert the disks from basic volumes to dynamic volumes before establishing the mirror?
    2) Is this your OS volume, or a data volume?
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    Possibly building a storage pool and allocating each drive as a storage space? The best thing that I can find is here: , or this: . In the second one, note the "If you do not want to create a storage space at this time...." I think that that's your key. Create spaces later, using a little bit of each.

    But you may be out of luck modifying an _existing_ setup.

    OK, beyond my ability and I don't have win8 to play with. Someone else, please?
  4. Just add another mirrored storage space to the same drive pool. Theres no need to mess with partitions. Win8 doesnt even care. You could greate a 10tb storage space using two 40gb drives... win8 will just tell you when its time to add more drives because you're low on space. LoL
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