Will 1150 slot last through next gen?

I am in the midst of upgrading my fankenstein of a build (in my sig) into a full featured future-proof machine. I am starting with a new case, motherboard, and CPU combo ASAP, and then 1 piece per paycheck over the next couple of months.

I am currently looking at the Asus Sabertooth z87 and the 4770k. I am interested in some moderate overclocking, and it seems like Haswell can reach 4.5 ok. However the number of mixed reviews I read saying that Haswell is focused on mobile, battery life, and iGPU and either 3xxxk is still an incredible option make me cautious.

My main priorities are quality, peace of mind, and expandability. I don't want to dump a bunch of money into a Haswell build then have Intel change the slot on me for the 5xxx line.

Does anyone have any recommendations for reducing my stresses? Are there whispers of what Intel's next slot will be? Am I just learning the stresses of building my own top of line PC?

Thanks for any tips you may have.
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    on a tick tock cycle, so far intel has been doing two releases per socket, with the first of each socket being a marginal improvement, the second being decent... think sandy bridge to ivy, If i remember the order correctly broadwell is the next release using the 1150 socket, but skylake after will likely use yet another new socket.
  2. Thats just the kind of knowledge I am looking for. I am more interested in investing in the future then sticking with a socket that will no longer be 'current'. I would most likely be interested in upgrading when that next gen comes out, and would like to count on that tick tock cycle to hedge my bets on future development.
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