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I current have a... well, less then desirable rig. When daydreaming, thumbing through a 'Build your own gaming PC' i remember coming across an article that was talking about a program that would utilize integrated graphics to help with the workload of your graphics card. I seem to not be asking google the right questions because no matter how i phrase it i cant find this program, nor the magazine that contained the article. Would anyone happen to know what this is called? I'm not really trying to get better graphics.... just better fps.

currently using AMD HD 6670 and AMD A8-5500
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    Ok this is the second thread, for gods sake stop posting on this forum and dont try again till you've read a few hundred pages of it for study.

    What your talking about is hybrid crossfire or "dual graphics" And should be do-able with those parts, the AMD APU's were designed for doing this with that particular card. If the drivers for the card are correctly installed, open the control centre and enable the box for hybrid crossfire, It should change the graphic device name to 6690D or something like. Although it should be enabled by default.
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