Need help looking over my part list for new build.

Building a new low/mid end gaming desktop. I have a budget of $1000. I do not plan on OC.
I am reusing my power supply (600w) and dvd drive. I do not need accessories along with it but i do need windows.

here is my list based on parts i pulled from other threads. I assume there will be better choices as I am fairly new to building. Is a cooling option needed for this build? Should I look at AMD and Radeon? I was considering a pre-built system for a no-fuss setup (no need for OC/worrying about compatibility issues.)

Thx for your assistance.
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  1. itll be good together for the most part.
  2. Thanks. The parts are adding up to $1060 after tax when I piece it together from different places. Is it a good build for the price? Are there places where I can cut cost by going with a different brand? I picked most of the parts/brand based off the ratings found at pcpartpicker. How would this compare to a Maingear Vybe "Good" which is priced around $1080 after shipping?
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    most cost cuts are already made, since you went pretty minimalistic on the case. the only minor cut would be SSD wise, if you didnt need the 840 pro's write speed. thats about it.
  4. Honestly I am very new(and late) to SSD.
    or this?
    be a better choice than the original? I'd assume I would be putting the OS and 1 or 2 games on it.
    First post updated with what might be my final build
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