Cannot recover system from Ext. HD

I have a hard drive in an USB enclosure I use for backups. Although Win 7 will save a system image to my ext drive, the recovery disk will not access it. Have the same problem with some other imaging software. Do I need to buy an expensive program just to do a job a simple program should be able to do. Its hard to backup a laptop without using an external drive.
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    I don't think Windows 7 has the ability to save system images. I use Macrium Reflect Free Edition.
  2. Windows 7 and 8 does have the ability to save a system image and create recovery media. Works fine if you want to save your OS to a second internal drive but the recovery disk cannot seem to find a backup saved to my external drive connected to the usb port. Macrium doesn't seem to like my ext drive either. Will save an image but comes back with a "permission denied" error if I try to verify it.
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