Cold Cathode Tube HELPPPPPPP

Hey guys Am Having Corsair CX 750W Bronz Edn. PSU
Am Planning to Buy Cold Cathode Tubes for the Case NZXT Phantom 921 RB
here is the link of the product

But I Dont have those 4 Pin Power Connector in my PSu to connect it to the cathode Tubes So Kindly Suggest me Where to Connected those Wires in PSu?
Where i need to buy any Inverter or Connector??? if yes then Please Suggest
Am A Newbie to these kinda Lightings.......
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    The kit you linked to seems to include everything you need. The Corsair CX 750W does have multiple 4 pin Molex connectors so you should be fine.
  2. in the screenshot have u seen those white colored connectors...... so tell me how can i connected the psu to those connectors
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