Looking for Good Gaming Keyboard with Red Switches

I want a Gaming Keyboard with Red Switches, and my budget is from 130 dollars to about 200 dollars . Macro keys are not a must but I would like back lighting and a wrist-rest. Thanks.
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    From major makers, there are the Cooler Master CM Storm boards, available with various switches, including Reds, and different backlighting options.
    They are generally available from Newegg, Amazon, and other major retailers.

    Corsair has their Vengeance boards, which use Reds and are available with backlighting.
    They are available from most major outlets.

    Thermaltake has boards with Reds in their Tt Esports line, though they are pretty plain for the price.
    Available from major retailers.

    Then there are the old standbys, namely Ducky. These are a boutique boards and can be expensive and hard to find. Quality is top notch and selection is broad and only limited by availability.
    Available from boutique dealers.

    For the money you are talking about, you could get a MAX Keyboard.
    I don't know much about them and have only talked to their staff a few times.

    If you have any more questions, let me know! I love talking mechanical keyboards.
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