installing ram above 2000MHz on i7 4770

Hello! I am building a new rig and have already bough the processor (i7 4770) but i am confused about ram, i want to install 2133MHz ram but in my mobo for 2133MHz memory (O.C.) is used which means i need to overclock the processor also (please correct if i am wrong)? But since i7 4770 have no unlocked multipliers it cannot be overclocked above 3.9GHz (its max turbo boost). Which means that i should not get 2133MHz. I want to know how to use 2133MHz in my case, how is it done - do we increase the memory multiplier or the bclk frequency . The mobo i am thinking to buy is asrock z87m exterme 4
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  1. You do not need to OC your cpu to increase the frequency of your RAM.
    As long as your board can handle RAM at on OC frequency of 2133MHz, then you should be able to OC it in your BIOS np.
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    Just set the XMP profile in the bios.
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