How do I know if my cpu is installed correctly?

I have recently upgraded to an AMD: FX 8350 after having an AMD: Athalon 2 640. I installed the new processor to what I thought was correct, but I am seeing little to no change as far as performance. Have I bent a pin, installed the processor incorrectly, or not have my computer recognize it?
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  1. if your CPU wasn't installed correctly your system would have died. Check in task manager to see your CPU stats. You wont see a difference if just idling.
  2. Well it sounds like you installed it correctly or else your computer wouldn't boot :P.

    I'm no expert but what I would do is get cpu-z and check the clock speed on full load to see if it's running to what it should be.
  3. On CPU-Z it is saying I only have 2 cores :(
  4. Check task manager

    type task manager into the start menu
  5. Nochie said:
    On CPU-Z it is saying I only have 2 cores :(

    Is your CPU used or brand new? I'm not sure why it's saying you only have 2 cores but it might not be your CPU, it could be cpu-z not detecting it properly.
  6. I am at the task manager this is the info I got And the cpu is brand new, got it yesterday

    You CPU usage is correct. Try installing the windows widget for your home screen to see if it displays all 8 cores.
  8. Ok, thank you.
  9. You need to install PC meter as well that will detect your CPU.
  10. Did you flash your BIOS prior to installing the CPU? It seems like your system isn't detecting it right, could be fixed either by a BIOS upgrade or change of BIOS settings maybe? Or maybe just a Windows driver missing?
  11. I did not flash my BIOS. How would I go about upgrading it?
  12. You have to flash your BIOS, there is a thread on tom's about that. I think on AMD website the procedure is there too.
  13. Ok thanks man
  14. Hang on, what motherboard are you using? I hope it's not the same one you used for the Athlon previously.

    Is it an AM3+ Motherboard? What is your motherboard model?
  15. It is the same motherboard it is AM3+ is an MSI 760GM-P23(FX) (MS-7641)
  16. There you go:

    Go to the download section, you should see upgrade instructions for BIOS.
  17. Fastest dual core ever! Yeah do a bios update and let us know how it goes.
  18. Ok I will! Thank you all for the help!
  19. Once I had flashed the bios it rebooted but it is saying NTLDR is missing. (I backed up my old bios onto the flash drive)
  20. Never mind, once I took the flash out it was fixed:)
  21. Nochie said:
    Never mind, once I took the flash out it was fixed:)

    Thats good lol, I hope it finds all the cores now.
  22. Nochie said:
    Never mind, once I took the flash out it was fixed:)

    Yeah the error message is probably because it was trying to boot from the USB key and not the hard drive. Do you see all the cores now in Windows?
  23. I am still only getting two cores
  24. Best answer
    Nochie said:
    I am still only getting two cores

    The 8350 is not listed on the CPU support list on the manufacturers website. It supports most of the other ones so I would think it would work but it's possible that is the source of your problems.
  25. Yeah that sounds like it.
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