Help! Old PC game that I can't remember the name!

I don't even remember the exact year I played the game.. I think it was around 1999-2003.

There was a single island on a map with many different regions to explore. But you had to start from one region. If you click on the region, it shows the whole land where you can make your workers to work - field, iron, stone, etc. There was a single house in your region that let a "champion" to reside. You can choose the champion to become your main leader. With your leader and workers, you can go to neighboring regions to conquer the land. If there were people living there already, you had to fight with swords and magic. There were different types of magic spells you can cast that require you to memorize patterns. Neighboring enemies could attack you too and force you to fight a battle. You win when you conquer the whole island.

The graphics were okay and drawings of the champions were really good. Limited animation. Seemed like medieval time.. or not. And it was not an online game.

Someone please help me remember my only childhood game I've played!!
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  1. the great randini said:

    No.. ): There were no fancy buildings at all. Just a small house where your main champion can stay.
  2. mrmotion said:

    That was my first thought also.
  3. mrmotion said:

    Sadly, no :(
    The champions are not animals, they are all humans.
    And it's not 3D.
  4. Could it be one of the Heroes of Might and Magic games? (say, Heroes of Might and Magic III)
  5. Disciples II ?
  6. Stronghold Crusader ?
  7. I played the same game as a kid, and i think is might just be Populous, the beginning.
  8. Warcraft much? Either that, or Dota or League of Leigons
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