Graphics Card for Optiplex 745 (smaller model)

I have a 745 but there's 4 different models as far as I know, and I have the 2nd to largest one that looks exactly like this . So i wouldn't be able to install a normal-sized graphics card horizontally since my tower wouldn't be wide enough to shut. I was hoping for a high performance card under $100 but if that's not possible i'll go with lower performance/
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    So, if I understood correctly, you have Desktop (DT)

    The only best option in this case is Sapphire 7750 low profile
    Don't worry about power supply requirement, go to newegg feedback section, go to page 2 and look for TazarZero post, read it.

    Anything else I can help you with?
  2. Yes I have the desktop. Thank you for the helpful feedback!
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