What graphics card should I buy?

Hey, I am looking to upgrade my GPU as playing games on the lowest settings isn't fun anymore and with the newest games I could really use more FPS. I am currently using a GTS 250 that is like 4 years old, I was using two but sadly my motherboard died and needed a quick fix.
I was looking at buying one of these;

Current specs
CPU - intel core 2 extreme x9650 @3.00
MB - Gigabyte g41m
750W PW
Would it be worth upgrading the GPU? Would I see a good improvement with my current specs?

EDIT: Sorry forgot to mention I play on a 27" screen @ 1920x1080
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  1. get a GTX 760
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    Neither, get a GTX 760. And yes, you would get a boost, but it'll bottleneck. This GPU should be life support until you come up with the 500$ to build a new rig.
  3. Get a 760. Its newer than both of those, generally cheaper, and the performance it's about the same.
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