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Ok so my processor just arrived and I put it in and tried to start my computer and it powers up for about 5 seconds then dies. Any help?
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  1. It'd help a lot to have system specifics and what you've tried.
  2. Well I can't figure out whats wrong I stripped it down and what not, checked connections, idk. I think the power supply may be faulty but I have no way to be sure. I'm gonna take it to the computer shop I guess.
  3. Ok so I'm at work thinking about what could be wrong. Could it be a safety feature the motherboard has to shut the computer down if there is no cooler on the CPU? I have my cooler in but I haven't actuall attached the water plate to the CPU.
  4. Wait - you tried to power the system on with a CPU in the socket but no cooler on it at all?
  5. ... Yes. Trust me, I feel like an idiot. I just wanted to see if it would boot before I mounted it and then I thought something was broken, and nothing was. It's working now. Like I said, first time building a computer. Thanks for trying to help me tho.
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    Glad you didn't fry it. Good to see the thermal protection circuitry worked!
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