3 Days left till i order my computer parts, any final Thoughts?

Here is the link:
Can someone please tell me if this a good gaming rig and will it play most modern games on high?
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    That will play most games on Ultra. You don't want a 3x RAM kit though, you want either 2x4GB or, perhaps for future resistance, 2x8GB.
    You may wish to add a 120mm tower-style cooler, especially if you intend to overclock. I recommend the Xigmatek Gaia. Per Frostytech reviews, it cools within 1C of the more commonly mentioned Hyper212 EVO, but is quieter, and $10 cheaper (in the US; your prices should be similar).
    Don't forget an optical drive, if only to load Windows and those applications and games not available online.
  2. Yeah that would make a good build... but look at a different set of ram. The MB runs dual channel, not triple channel so having a third stick would be detrimental to your build. Look at getting 8GB (2 x 4GB).
  3. You have the wrong memory. Any set that contains 3 or 6 DIMMs is designed for the older X58 platform and the i7-900 series CPUs which have a triple channel memory controller. CPUs on the LGA1155 and LGA1150 platforms have dual channel memory controllers. CPUs on the LGA2011 platform have quad channel memory controllers.

    The DIMMs themselves are identical, but you'll have 3 of them when your platform will run best with either 2 or 4.

    Get yourself one of the following:

    2x 4GiB

    4x 4GiB

    2x 8GiB

    4x 8GiB

    Other than that, get an SSD.
  4. if your only gaming then you could swap out the i7 with an i5 4670k and change the montherboard to match.

    hyperthreading does not tend to improve game performance by much if at all.

    with the money saved if you really wanted to you could get an SSD, also you have no copy of windows in that list unless you already have your own, remember to install a 64bit version of 7 or 8 depending on which you want to use.
  5. Also I would recommend looking at an i5 4670 instead of the i7 4770. For gaming the i7 is excessive as almost all games do not utilize hyperthreading.

    The money you save doing that could go towards a SSD which would dramatically improve performance.
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