Random Blue Screen Of Death?

Every now and then, whilst running basic programs such as Google Chrome + iTunes, my GPU will just cut out with the blue screen of death for <1 Second, an then just reset! Please help! My GPU = 8600GT
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    First of all it's your computer that is blue screening. Have you recently installed something new? Run memcheck to see if you have faulty RAM. Run diags on your harddrive for possible disk failures. You may need to update your drivers. Debug your DMP files to determine what file may be at fault.
  2. You can go to reliability center, just click start and type reliability and it should show the option. You can click each bsod and it'll say a bccode. This will help to identify the problem. Alternatively you can also use bluescreenview, which is a bit easier to use and will also say what file caused the bsod. If it points to the kernel, it's most likely a hardware issue. Then we can help to narrow down what hardware. Otherwise a software issue is much easier to solve.
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